Описание игры
[Updating Melees, Guns And A Few Maps Soon!] Blox Evo A Free For All Game where you spawn with random weapons you shoot people before they can shoot you. theres like 200 weapons [RECENT UPDATES] Future Lighting Yeah Added Recycled Firearm Fixed Music In «Cardbloxia Mansion» and Fixed the map «Static» changing after like 40 seconds instead of the usual 250. [NOT VERY RECENT UPDATES] new weapons: minigun, oversized minigun, lmg, heavy lmg, burst lmg, sky rocket. 1000 degree knife and steel beam can now set enemies on fire removed random map rotation for now gas grenade cooldown halved added paintball gun a few maps have been updated with new lighting. [exclusive weapon owners] Yeelon_M3kyr supersonic4457 ColoredHearts oofiekun DominationDavid006 SabotagingDerick006 iiAwMaster OceanLyfe Random_Chespin Droidder
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