Dark Wood [Alpha]

Описание игры
Game is in Alpha, if you find any bugs please report them in Group Wall Updates: Alpha In Dark Wood you have to run away by finding all items or have the powers of Creepy Pasta Entitys and Monsters to try to stop people from finding them spreding Dark Horror Fear and Panic with diffrent abilitys. You should join this group, It's kinda epic: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6572113/Morbid-Games#!/about Owners: MorbidalDev, Not_Recognized Thx for helping guys! the1blaze,MrDarkDoom,Mewtwo,Cascandius,Dyorre,Ems_Squad,smellyweepoo10,Doctor_Strange1924, VivalabagoYT. (that's a lot of testers) Disclaimer: This game is in its early stage.
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