Dragon Ball Future Online {DBFO}

Описание игры
⭐Mobile and XBOX Controls!! Take Pictures of your stats!!!! --------------------------------------------------------- ⚡Updates⚡ New: Silver Zeni Spawn - 20/hr Gold Zeni Spawn - 7/hr EXP Spawn - 3/hr Updated: Auto Attack for UI, Fixed InGame Shop Next: More Skills/Forms ---------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile ---------- Tap combat to fight Tap ki to shoot blasts -------------------------------------------------- PC Left and right click to attack Q for ki blasts Double tap SPACE to ascend ALT to descend SHIFT to move faster Double tap W,A,S,D to dash M for menu C to charge ki X for when in battle to Zvanish V while locked on to someone for instant transmission 1-4 = Basic Moves / 5-6 Ultimate Moves / 7 for Transformation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click cinemtaic logo turns it off
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