Flamingo Sings Despacito [Christmas!]

Описание игры
It’s snowing Felipe heads! Here's what's new along with the winter update: -Fixed taco stand (for real this time) -New loading screen -Ragdoll death -Updated screen on death Welcome to Flamingo Sings Despacito, the BEST game on all of Roblox. In this masterpiece of a game, you can listen to Albert, our Lord and Savior, sing his EPIC song Despacito (which was illegally stolen and made lots of money off of!). While you are listening to Albert's whimsical voice, you can get a taco from the Taco Bell stand. And after that, let out that bloody diarrhea, or maybe even EXPLOSIVE bloody diarrhea, from eating all of those tacos! You can also save a beautiful woman from drowning by jumping onto Albert's heads that were SLICED OFF. You can even hear the screams coming from the heads as extra added effect! Watch the «gathering» of Sonic x Obama to remind yourself you'll be alone forever! Do whatever you want in this game. I can't stop you.
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