[FREE VIP!] Airplane Flight Simulator

Описание игры
Welcome to Airplane Flight Simulator! AFS is a flight simulator with multiple airplanes to choose from! Leave a like and favorite for more updates to come! Update : FREE VIP Servers! You don't have to worry about other people taking your plane! Choose from 3 different airports! With iconic airliners! FAQ : 1. Q : How do you get on the plane? A : Use one of the stair trucks available next to the Concorde. If there aren't any, jump on the outer side of the engine to get on. 2. Q : How do I start the plane ? A : It varies by plane, but most are by using this method : Press 1 on your keyboard. Then press E to start the engines. After that use W and S or the Up and Down arrow keys to use your throttle. Use your cursor to navigate the plane. Disclaimer : Flying the planes requires a Laptop or a Desktop computer. Happy flying! tags : airplane, airport, airplane flying, airplane flight, flight, airplane flight simulator
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