[Game Passes] Mining Simulator

Описание игры
🚧 Under Construction 🚧 🚧 Please check back later 🚧 [Update January 20th 2018] - Added permanent Game Passes on the second floor, get these for huge mining boosts! Rebirth! If you can hoard 10,000 Cash, you can REBIRTH and increase your multiplier allowing you to get more Cash and Gold faster through mining or fighting! Welcome! In Mining Simulator, you are a miner in the prosperous Bloxy Mines where gold, rubies and diamonds have been found! It is your job to mine these ores and trade them in for cash at the gold deposit minecarts! Use your cash to upgrade your pickaxe, buy swords or customize your miner! Or you can protect your fellow miners by going up to the surface and fighting off skeletons in the haunted woods! Eat a protein bar to get a +12 level boost and make mining easier and get gold faster!
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