?Jumping Simulator X?

Описание игры
[MOBILE USERS]: To move, press the circle (lower left), hold and swipe. 🌟Welcome to Jumping Simulator X 🌟 [UPDATE 10] 🤑 New chests with special rewards in Realm 1 and 2 🐞Game is in ALPHA. Enjoying the game? Leave a like 👍! It helps us out a lot 😃 💪Increase your Jumping Power 😄 Pop Orbs 🏃Gain Speed 🏝️Level up to access new islands 🤑Collect Coins to buy new trails Report bugs, give feedback and tell us what features you'd like to see to make it more fun! Your opinion matters to us 😊 🚨FOLLOW US @InkmashStudios Tags: Sprinting, Running, Speed, Advanced, Visits, Favorite, Genre, Simulator, Racing, Jumps, Run, Walk, Open, Source, Slide, Games, Mini, Famous, Clicks, Ads, Sponsors, Note, Pad, Friends, Roblox, Players, Users, Miles, Town, Boys, Girls, Obby, Grand, Open
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