Lesbian hangout *CHRISTMAS UPDATE*

Описание игры
This is a lesbian hangout where you can chill with friends, make new friends, roleplay, or just play..? Anybody is honestly welcome to join! The game still needs to be fixed, but is almost completed. Have fun! This is the new version which is less laggy, you can play the old version here- https://web.roblox.com/games/5309890050/Lesbian-Hangout-OLD Happy holidays everybody! A christmas update has been added to the game :D THANK YOU ALL FOR OVER IOO,OOO+ VISITS, it means SO MUCH to me! <3 This is just another lesbian hangout game where you can make new friends and hangout! Hope you enjoy :D Credits to the people who made the models, some are my own. If i gave you admin in a previous server and you leave then re-join, you will still be admin! Tags: lesbian gay bi trans pan demi a inter fluid lgbt lgbtq+ rainbow roleplay pride game fun respect cute safe chat advice enjoy red orange yellow green indigo violet purple blue good respect
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