Mermaids & Magic

Описание игры
Keybinds for magic are: Left Click, Q, E & R In order to be a mermaid/merman, you must play as Marielle, Aurora or Atlan. Then you must go into the lake or the sea. In order to be a fairy, you must play as Anne. Then you must press E. We highly recommend using high graphics to see the full potential. Credits to JustFloraI for Terraforming & Building Credits to Oceanparu for Decorating Assistance Credits to Vellexia for Scripting & Building Credits to oEveez for Faces & GFX Credits to Seagoonia for Sea Decorations Models, Potions, Mermaid Tails, Brassiers & NPCS I personally thank everyone that has supported us troughout this journey!
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