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Описание игры
《 Welcome to Roblox Dance Moms! 》 Roblox Dance Moms is a great place to hang out with friends, roleplay and have fun! Not only that but classes are hosted multiple times a day to help rookie dancers improve on their skills while also enjoying the experience! The studio looks exactly like the real Dance Moms Pittsburgh studio, enjoy and have fun. <3 ➩ Join the group for important updates and to move up ranks:!/about ➩ Sub to our YT! (We film here!) It's called Roblox Dance Moms. <3 ➩ Join our dizzy for important updates, open call auditions, instructor applications, new vid announcements, and more! Code: /YAsTeMX ➢ Owners: a1exva and sopvhiaa ➢ Developers: ardenavery, aezvity ➢ Clothing designer: marshmellowicecream ➢ Opened up on 8.2.20
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