[TOFUU EVENT] ?Castle Defenders? ? Update 3

Описание игры
💪 Welcome to Castle Defenders! 🔥 Please drop a like to support our game! OP CODE at 10K likes UPDATE! - 5x SOULS AND GEMS - PRICE REDUCE ON GAMEPASSES - Press ctrl to SPRINT! - More RANKS - NEW FROST MAP - NEW WEAPON CASE! - More flags! - NEW PET CASES! TUTORIAL: -Beat Monsters in your castle for souls. 💪 -Buy and Upgrade champions to assist you in beating the Monsters.🔥 - Capture flags for Gems!🚩 - Buy pets to help with gaining souls faster and doing more damage!🐾 - Weapon shop now sells up to 50 swords! 🔥 - Massive map with lots of exploring to do!🌎 - 20+ Champions for you to buy as you grind for souls!💪 ... Thank you for Playing and we hope you guys will enjoy CASTLE DEFENDERS!🥰 🔥 NEW *OP* CODE AT 5000 LIKES! 👍 USE CODE: 1000LIKES COMING SOON: 🐉 DRAGON BOSS FIGHT! 🐾 More Cute and amazing pets ⚡Join Celestial Corp Today! ⚡ 💰 DAILY GEMS for group members! 👑Chat Tag
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